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The LingaTel Platform

The readily available operation of a telephone interpreting service requires a professional and specialised infrastructure tailored for individual needs. The technology used at LingaTel is a system of continuous development and upgrades, designed to be fail-safe and as scalable as desired. Operating from a Carrier data centre ensures maximum stability, availability and data security. Furthermore, an optimised telephone network guarantees the best possible preconditions for high-quality connections. In addition, interruption- and interference free communication is ensured. The operation of a telephone interpreting service with an ad-hoc switchboard would not be possible without an specifically designed technical infrastructure. It is the basis for making professional voice recognition available, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (24/7), and all within 60 seconds.


To overcome language barriers with LingaTel, always, everywhere and for everyone!

Telefondolmetschen Bereitschaftsplan

The availability of interpreters is ensured by means of a web-based personnel planning system (on-call system). In this system, our interpreters register according to project assignments. Also, the entire system is managed by live-operators. At the beginning of each on-call shift the interpreters register in the system either online or by phone. They are reminded by e-mail and/or text messages.

LingaTel Telefonie Plattform

It is part of the framework of our service that the interpreter is never called directly, but always via the LingaTel telephone platform. For various reasons it is important that the platform always sustains its sovereignty over incoming calls in order to react accordingly in each and every situation. Automated fallback and escalation mechanisms are an indispensable prerequisite for service quality. This ensures a reliable backup and failure management from a technical point of view. The LingaTel interpreter portal is phoned via a number provided by LingaTel. For each voice combination, a double-digit extension is stored. If the assigned number is phoned with the extension of the desired voice combination, an automated connection with a corresponding interpreter is made.

Lingatel Plattform Statistik

Our unique telephone platform and the direct connection with our carrier allow a highly sophisticated evaluation of call behaviour in general and of each individual call. The access to the so-called CDRs (call detail records) within the scope permissible under data protection laws allows the evaluation of each individual call segment and is an important prerequisite for the creation of complex statistical evaluations. It also ensures continuous improvement of the service. A real-time view of ongoing conversations is shown. Furthermore, a large number of recorded data can be accessed at any time. How often did the phone ring? How long did it take for an interpreter to actually pick up? What was the length of the call? Who ended the call? Time of the call? Who called? How much time does it normally take for an interpreter to pick up? How many conversations has he/she accepted or rejected? Statistics are presented via a web-based interface accessible to customers at any time.


Tamara Matthai
Tamara Matthäi
Authorized Representative

It is very exciting to work with our interpreters, to understand and learn about the intercultural dynamics of conversations and to pass on these findings and insights to our customers. For me, it is very important to comprehend both, interpreters AND users of our services. In this way, I am able to improve mutual understanding on both sides, processes are optimised for all parties involved and a high level of satisfaction for all our partners is ensured.

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