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Telephone hotlines are constantly confronted with the challenge of having to serve callers whose language is not available within the existing structure or perhaps not at that particular moment. As a very simple solution, the agent has the possibility to spontaneously create a telephone triple conference call with a LingaTel interpreter and request the relevant language, of course 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Language barriers can be overcome directly and cost-effectively, since it is no longer necessary to provide call centres personnel for all languages or on-site interpreters.

Of course, LingaTel serves telephone hotlines exclusively using qualified interpreters, according to the respective customer requirements. For example, medical hotlines are exclusively provided with medical interpreters, who have taken advanced training on the subject of telephone interpreting according to LingaTel standards.

By the same token, LingaTel’s telephone interpreting service is now able to serve global service hotlines with agents of a single language by adding a LingaTel interpreter each time a voice call is received. This can be a very cost-effective solution, especially if the consultants on the telephone are highly specialised experts, of whom only a few to be found worldwide.

The immediate elimination of language barriers in connection with telephone consulting services of any kind is our mission and core competency at the same time.